The 20 Highest-Paying IT Skills By Salary: 2024 Dice Report

Here are the 20 highest-paying skill sets in the U.S. by average salary, including Kubernetes, SAP HANA, Docker, Elasticsearch, SOA and PostgreSQL.

Mark Haranas
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The 20 Highest-Paying IT Skills By Salary: 2024 Dice Report

If you're an IT professional with one of the top skill sets on Dice's new 2024 report, you can make an average salary of around $129,000 or more.  

From SAP HANA, Docker and Amazon RDS to Elasticsearch, Redis and PostgreSQL—there are 20 IT skills that employers are willing to pay a high salary. 

"Data-related skills remained in high demand, resulting in high salaries for tech professionals with a grasp of the languages, tools and abilities necessary to build and iterate data infrastructure at scale," said Dice in its new 2024 Dice tech salary report. 

Thanks to the increasing availability of data and cloud tools, data-related skills tend to bring in the highest salary on average in the tech industry. These data and database experts enable companies to harness and analyze data to create business outcomes.  

Dice: ‘Data Means The Difference Between Failure' And Success  

"From small businesses to large enterprises, there's a rising awareness that data means the difference between failure and market-beating success," Dice said.  

For example, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) offers a way for teams to reduce development resources, improve agility, and even increase scalability. Skills like Docker and Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) are necessary for building out the next-generation infrastructure that organizations will need, including the integration of AI, advanced automation and data analytics. Without reliable databases, networks and cloud platforms, organizations cannot implement any of the other technologies needed to advance their strategies, according to Dice.  

"Those who can successfully build out data and cloud infrastructure to take advantage of the next generation of AI tools and services will find themselves at an even greater advantage [in 2024]," said Dice.  

The 2024 Dice salary report was administered online by among registered Dice job seekers and site visitors between Aug. 30, 2023 and Oct. 31, 2023. A total of 6,166 U.S.-based respondents completed the survey.   

We break down the top 20 highest-paying IT skills based on Dice's 2024 report that employers are seeking. All figures represent an average salary that the skill sets command.

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